Clamor Populi Clamans


“Clamor Populi Clamans” studies the scream as an overflow and a contingency of speech, dialogue and language, and spoken communication, through three affective and affection states:

1. The scream as an expression of affect.
2. The scream as affection.
3. The scream itself.

For the development of this study we are collecting screams in collaboration with “The Institute for Screamscape Studies”.

If you want to participate: record your scream and send it to us directly from this page →

Everyone screams alone” – Gregory Whitehead


Remember: before you scream, tell us your name and then scream! Feel at home and thank you very much.

"If we scream, we are always victims of invisible and insensitive forces that stir each show and that are even beyond pain and feeling." - Gilles Deleuze