Whine (Or the minimum sound of a digital field recording)


Since the introduction of digital formats has installed the widespread notion that digital technology is infinite, immediate and clean. In the area of ​​field recordings might think that digital recorders offer a format where the self-noise produced by the recorder itself is minimal or nonexistent. In comparison with the noise produced by the analog formats, the self-noise (hiss) has just changed, it's no longer the same. Whatever, this noise exists in digital recorders. This work contains seven recordings per se made ​​with different digital recorders without any input or microphone. We are listening to the (digital) recorder & recording themselves.

Conceived, edited and produced between 2009 and 2012. Mastered at “H Studio” in Berlin during the autumn of 2017. Seventy minutes in seven tracks published in just one black CD by Я – Archives in 2018. Not for sale!.


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Notes: This audio file contains only the first minute of each track.

Warning! It’s completely inaudible through laptop.
Quality speakers or headphones are highly recommended. Play it loud!