Troddin is a free improvisation of free sounds created by free people while the silence becomes the reference. All kind of ways are possible, find your own way. All you have to do is listen to the silence and begin to play! A wrapping atmosphere is necesary to have a good conception of ourselves and feel immersed in the spellbound of Troddin’s sounds.
Discography (selected)

Untitled 01 (Or the first take is always the best take)
Unlimited release published by SD Records (2007) [download zip]

Troddin of troddins
Unlimited release published by modisti netlabel (2009) [download zip]

Troddin of troddins is a collection of 20 improvisations (or more) in just one release. Over the two years of life Troddin have made multiple improvisations, most of which we have recorded. This material now serves as a sound source to work on to make the final Troddin of troddins.

Experiences (selected)

Password: 1234567890

Sound check as a concert
Live at Acción Es León Festival, León (Spain) (2009).

Interview at Radio Círculo – Madrid (Spain) (2009) [download mp3] Interview at Circus Radio Show (Berlin) (2015)

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