Sound installation at Embarrat Festival (2014)
Awarded with the 1st Embarrat Festival Award.

"844" sound installation buried in the ashes of the smelting Trepat Cal. 844 is the result of the sum of all workers in the agricultural machinery Trepat Factory from 1915 to 2004. Each of these people has participated in the construction of agricultural machines that came out of the Factory. Their names are inscribed in some way in the history of the Factory and agricultural machinery built with his own hands. The sound installation appoints each of these workers, with their names, to give life back to these people who filled the space that remains empty today.

Recorded at Ràdio Tàrrega Studios (2014)
Voices: Rosa and Albert.

Dedicated to Albert, who passed away months after making the recordings.

Interviewdownload pdf.


Many thanks to Rosa, Albert, Blanca Rego, Natàlia Lloreta, Jesús Vilamajó, Ràdio Tàrrega, Embarrat Festival, Intersecció, Trepat Museum and all workers.