Silence is not enough


A book is multiple readings and infinite possibilities, all wrapped in silence, like this room and like this Library. The precondition to sound is silence. From the moment of recording until the act of listening, silence stands as a fundamental part of understanding artistic practice with sound, which is described by a paradox: the presence of absence.

In 2007 I borrowed the book "Silence" from John Cage of the Koldo Mitxelena Library, but I never returned it because the book disappeared, it was lost and I was forced to buy another book, the same book, another silence. The book exhibited in this installation is this same book, which was on loan until March 12, 2016, so during the exhibition was requested by the Library twice. Although the book, in fact, never abandoned the same building, since the Library and the Exhibition Hall are at the same architectural space. During the exhibition the book was secretly returned to its proper place in the Library: technically the book was not returned and continued on loan. This gesture was possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of an artist who won the First Prize of the same Program of Novel Artists of Gipuzkoa in one of the past editions.

Site-specific non-sound installation (2016) part of the collective exhibition within the New Artist Program of Gipuzkoa (Spain) at the exhibition hall of the Koldo Mitxelena Culture Center, San Sebastián (Spain)

In collaboration with ERVITI

Dedicated to John Cage.


No thing to listen.