Infinite Sculpture




Two stones of alabaster decontextualized and recontextualized (2008) Fine Arts Department, Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid (Spain) Awarded with Honorable distinction.

This project was made as a processual project. The project dealt with the process of selection of the objects and the spaces to make an exhibition. Somehow we made it as a simple as possible. We went to a quarry stones of alabaster in Navarra (Spain) and select multiple stones, without any cut or transformation, just the stones. We selected two round stones, as same as they get out of nature. We selected two places to put the stones: one outdoor and one indoor. We made a public presentation of the project. The people who came had many questions and many comments (see video). The stones were there for a week. Throughout the week many people wondered why there was a stone in the middle of the entrance hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In collaboration with Alonso Vázquez.