Sound installations

The Dungeon – A hot soundscape recordings of the biggest european brothel in Köln (Germany) (2018)
Resilience – A sound installation at Max Estrella Art Gallery in Madrid (Spain) (2017)
Begiradazu hitz egiten dizudanean (Or look at me when I talk to you) – Four site-specific sound installations at Bertiz Manor Gardens – Navarra (Spain) (2016)
Standing in the meeting of two eternities – A sound installation during Apollo 4 Festival at Les Écuries de Baroja – Anglet (France) (2015)
Passing through nature to eternity – A site specific sound installation in a church – Tarnos (France) (2015)
A vulnerable listening – A sound installation for an empty house – San Sebastián (Spain) (2015)
233 hours of listening (Or when I’m sleeping, I’m still listening) – A sound installation for FASE Festival at SILO – Berlin (Germany) (2015)
About listening – A sound installation for FASE Festival at Errant Bodies Sound Art Space – Berlin (Germany) (2015)
Standing in the meeting of two eternities – A sound installation at L’Estruch – Sabadell (Spain) (2014)
SE VENDE – A site-specific installation at La Piola – Madrid (Spain) (2009)
Infinite Sculpture – A installation at Fine Arts UCM University – Madrid (Spain) Awarded! (2008)

Collective exhibitions

Silence kills – A small printing on paper exhibited in a collective exhibition at Tinta Invisible in Barcelona (Spain) (2018)
Dark Sound – Exhibited during the “(IN)VISIBLES” collective exhibition organized by SECO Festival – Barcelona (Spain) (2017)
Dark Sound – Exhibited at The politics of ambience in Oxford Brookes University – Oxford (U.K.) (2016)
Silence is not enough (for John Cage) – A sound installation without sound at PANG / GABP - KM – Donostia (Spain) (2016)
Machine Pattern # 01 – At "Escuchar con los ojos – Arte sonoro en España (1961-2016)" exhibition in Fundación Juan March – Madrid (Spain) (2016)
Machine Pattern # 01 – At “Arte sonoro en España (1961-2016)” exhibition in Museo de Arte Abstracto Español – Cuenca (Spain) (2016)
Machine Pattern # 01 – At "L’Altra #1" exhibition in ESCOLA MASSANA – Barcelona (Spain) (2016)
Machine Pattern # 01 – At "Arte sonoro en España (1961-2016)" exhibition in Museu Fundación Juan March – Palma de Mallorca (Spain) (2016)
844 – Sound installation at Embarrat Festival – Awarded with the 1st Embarrat Festival Award – Tárrega (Spain) (2014)
The burden of identity – A sound installation for the collective exhibition “Paisatge motor. Geografies” at Lo Pati – Amposta (Spain) (2014)
Empty Space 02 – Listening point at “Hidden narratives of empty spaces” exhibition – London (UK) (2013)
Untitled (Or Live Music) – A sound installation at Convent de Sant Agustí – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
Untitled # 17 – A sound installation at Convent de Sant Agustí – Barcelona (Spain) (2011) [download mp3]
Untitled 18 – A sound installation at World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference – Corfu (Greece) (2011) [download mp3]
No sents com rauquem les granotes – Exhibition at San Feliu de Guixols – Barcelona (Spain) (2011)
TOKO NO MA – A project about the engraving and its limits. Exhibited in Fuendetodos, Madrid and San Sebastián (Spain) (2008)
Deafland – Sound art for video art, in collaboration with Mit Borrás. Exhibited in In-Sonora, Madrid (Spain) (2008)
Untitled (for Candela) – A sound installation at 1st International Roaming Biennal – Tehran (Iran) (2008)
Translaciones (for Christiane Löhr) – A sound installation exhibited at Fine Arts UCM University – Madrid (Spain) (2008)
Untitled – Silk-screen printing – Awarded! – Madrid (Spain) (2004)


A Requiem for our Specie – “A soft hiss of this world” presentation with Carmen Pardo at La Place (Barcelona, Spain) (2019)
The responsibilities in making (for Darcy Lange) – A performed lecture in Tabakalera (San Sebastián, Spain) (2018)
Dark Sound (“Requiem for the presence“) at La Casa Amarilla Book store & Art Gallery – Zaragoza (Spain) (2018)
Dark SoundA lecture at Secotropico Festival – Barcelona (Spain) (2017)
Dark SoundA lecture at Cervantes Institute – Berlin (Germany) (2017)
El paisaje sonoro como entelequia – At Campus Sonoro in Fine Art University UPV - Bilbao (Spain) (2016)
Jadis (Ou comme écouter dans l’eau sans se mouiller) – A lecture about underwater recordings and listenings – Tarnos (France) (2015)
Curando el arte sonoro – A lecture at Spanish Cultural Center – San José (Costa Rica) (2014)
El cuerpo de la escucha – A lecture at Fine Art UCM University – Madrid (Spain) (2014)
El paisaje sonoro como entelequia – A lecture at Phonos Fundation – UPF, Barcelona (Spain) (2013)
Los regímenes aurales – A lecture at Nits d’Aielo i Art – Valencia (Spain) (2012)
La conquista de lo inútil – A lecture at Fabra i Coats – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
El paisaje sonoro como entelequia – A lecture at LME – Madrid (Spain) (2012)
Los regímenes aurales – A lecture at Sound Art Master, UB Barcelona University – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
About Soinumapa – A lecture at Fine Arts UPV University – Valencia (Spain) (2011)


Muteness – A workshop focused on sound for dancers and other sonic tools on the stage – in Köln, Berlin (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain) (2019)
Sinfonía Verde – A workshop about the sound of plants and other non-humans in Madrid (Spain) (2019)
Aguas menores – Two micro-workshops for Inland in Madrid (Spain) (2018)
Extreme soundscapes – Workshop at Casadixión – Quito (Ecuador) (2014)
Sirenas – Workshop for European Acoustic Heritage – Vigo (Spain) (2013)
Thanks for your netlabel – Workshop at BIME Hack Day – Bilbao (Spain) (2013)
Bricolage sonoro – Workshop at Fine Arts University – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
La memoria sobre el mapa – Workshop at Convent de Sant Agustí – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
La memoria sobre el mapa – Workshop at Fine Art UCM University – Madrid (Spain) (2011)


Critical Listening – Curator & coordination at The Listening Observatory – San Sebastián (Spain) (2016)
The Listening Observatory – Curator & coordination in collaboration with José Luis Espejo & Audiolab – San Sebastián (Spain) (2016)
108 Mediateletipos Radio – Curator & coordinator in collaboration with Blanca Rego & Alonso Vázquez. Published at Mediateletipos (since 2015)
Untitled Soundays Improvisations – Curator at Guardetxea – San Sebastián (Spain) (2010)
Netlabels – A meeting for netlabels at Arteleku – San Sebastián (Spain) (2009)
Rec, play and pause – A workshop at Optica Festival – Madrid (Spain) (2008)
New media for new arts – A workshop at Fine Arts UCM University. In collaboration with IXI Software – Madrid (Spain) (2008)
Untitled Festival – Curator at Guardetxea – San Sebastián (Spain) (2002)


D Archives – A lecture about a proto-archive for dancers in Mercat de las flors (Barcelona, Spain)
Any Body Sounds – Sound concepts & design in collaboration with Emanuel Soavi & Jone San Martin – In residency in Tabakalera (Donostia, Spain) & Tanzfraktur (Köln, Germany). Premiered in Tanzhaus nrw & performed in NODE [a review here] (San Sebastián, Spain), Tabakalera (San Sebastián, Spain), tanzFaktur (Köln, Germany), Tanzmesse (Düsseldorf, Germany), Fabrik Heeder (Krefeld, Germany), tanzFaktur (2018) & Tabakalera (San Sebastián, Spain) (2019).
Legítimo / Rezo – Sound design for a dance piece by William Forsythe, Jone San Martin & Josh Johnson – Zaragoza (Spain), Belgrade (Serbia), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) Heidelberg (Germany) (2018), Foix (France), Berlin (Germany) and Barcelona (2019)
Huts – Sound design for dance piece in collaboration with Jone San Martin, Carol Rementeria and Illart Alkorta – San Sebastián (Spain) – Sold out (2016)
After all – Sound design for a coreographic situation made by Jone San Martin in collaboration with Dantzaz – San Sebastián (Spain) (2015)
Begiari entzun! – Sound pieces for dancers in collaboration with Amancio González and Dantzaz – San Sebastián (Spain) (2015)
The better angels of our nature – Soundscape for dancers in collaboration with Jone San Martin and Dantzaz – San Sebastián (Spain) (2014)


Listen and protect – A collective reading of testimonies as a raw concert in a friend’s home in Ustaritz (France) (2019)
Dark Mannheim - a quadraphonic concert organized by Elektrosmog & curated by Gruenrekorder at Hafenkirche, Mannheim (Germany) (2018)
Untitled Listening Session” presents “The Untitled Collection” in Köln (Germany) (2018)
Aguas menores – One micro-concert for Inland in Madrid (Spain) (2018)
Dark SoundDark Cologne at Loft – Köln (Germany) (2018)
Dark SoundDark Barcelona at Secotropico Festival – Barcelona (Spain) (2017)
For Frog the Bell Tolls – A secret concert for frogs at Secret sunrise temple – Bagan (Myanmar) (2017)
Cul-de-sac (Or how to improve a nation) – At Democracy Monument and Victory Monument – Bangkok (Thailand) (2017)
Note: To mourn the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej this event is cancelled.
Dark SoundDark Frankfurt at Institut für Neue Medien (INM) in collaboration with Xerox Exotique and Gruenrekorder label – Frankfurt am Main (Germany) (2017)
A concert for deaf people at Manos K Ríen Deaf People Association – San Sebastián (Spain) (2017)
Noise is the new golden – During the GOLD afterparty: Sad Dj at Dabadaba – San Sebastián (Spain) (2016)
Dark Sound: Audition at Sakona Coffee Roasters, circular building with the support of Bitamine – Irún (Spain) (2016)
Broken Silence (Or how to become a DJ for machines) – Live at Embarrat Festival – Tárrega (Spain) (2015) [download mp3]
Machine pattern 02 (Or reality itself defies all common sense) – Live at Embarrat Festival – Tárrega (Spain) (2015)
An Augmented Listening – 18 concerts in 3 days for ¡Volumen! Festival at LCE – Madrid (Spain) (2014)
Boiling frogs – Live at REUDO’14 – Pujilí (Ecuador) (2014)
Between two worlds – Live at Contemporary Art Center – Quito (Ecuador) (2014)
Interstitial Space – World Premiére at Phonos Fundation – Barcelona (Spain) (2014)
SOLO – Live at Reflex Space – San Sebastián (Spain) (2013) [download mp3]
RTC09 – Live at Rulo – Barcelona (Spain) (2013)
Aria (Or something like that) – A piano single piece for Mixtur Festival – Barcelona (Spain) (2013)
Fireworks concert – Live at ERTZ # 14 – Bera (Basque Country) (2013)
Underwater soundwalk – An underwater soundwalk for European Acoustic Heritage –Vigo (Spain) (2013)
Machine Pattern 01 – An audition with Óscar Martin at Discos Paradiso – Barcelona (Spain) (2013)
Marina – Live at MRB/AMM in Arteleku – San Sebastián (Spain) (2012)
No headphones concert – Live at Off Herzios – Valencia (Spain) (2012)
Marina in collaboration with Blanca Rego – Live at Picasso Museum – Barcelona (Spain) (2012)
Marina in collaboration with Blanca Rego – Live at Nokodek – San Sebastián (Spain) (2011)
rrroom – Live at Convent de Sant Agustí – Barcelona (Spain) (2011)
rrroom – Live at Reformance Festival in CA2M – Madrid (Spain) (2011)
Untitled – Live with Miguel A.García and Artur Vidal at Menos Uno – Madrid (Spain) (2011)
Untitled – Live with Manuel Calurano at m2sonido in Matadero – Madrid (Spain) (2011)
Cuando las paredes hablan – Live at Le Larraskitu Club – Bilbao (Spain) (2010)
MadridSoundScape & Soinumapa – Live at Loos Fundation in collaboration with Pablo Sanz – Den Haag (The Netherlands) (2010)
Untitled – Live at "Planetart" – Amsterdam (The Netherlands) (2010) Downloads: "Untitled" [download mp3] & "Untitled (Randomized amplitude track)" [download mp3]
Sound check as a concert (as "Troddin") – Live at Acciónesleón Festival – León (Spain) (2009)
Untitled – Live at Fine Arts UCM University – Madrid (Spain) (2008)
Untitled – Live at MRB/AMM at Arteleku – San Sebastián (Spain) (2008) [download mp3]
More than 20 improvisation concerts with more than 20 musicians and non-musicians at Factor 4 – Madrid (Spain) (2004 - 2008)
The Runaway Universe (for Paul Davies) – Live at unknown place – Madrid (Spain) (2004)