About Listening – The Sound Installation


About Listening (Or 14 interviews with 14 sound artists) is a sound installation about listening. 14 speakers are distributed in an empty room. Each speaker reproduces different excerpts from 14 interviews made to 14 sound artists. The answers reflect diverse opinions when we speak about listening, sound, sound art or noise. This sound installation doesn't try to create any answer, it's not a choir, but just different voices talking about, listening.

Interviews with (in alphabetical order): Oren Ambarchi (Australia), Gilles Aubry (Switzerland), Jose Manuel Berenguer (Spain), Xabier Erkizia (Spain), Christian Galarreta (Peru), Ruben Garcia (Spain), John Gzrinich (Estonia), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden), Zbigniew Karkowski (Poland), Francisco Lopez (Spain), Alex Medizabal (Spain), Israel Martinez (Mexico), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico), Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico).

This sound installation is part of About Listening research project.

Exhibited at Errant Bodies Sound Art Space (Berlin) during the FASE Festival (2015) with the kindly support of Etxepare.

Many thanks to (not in alphabetical order): Brandon LaBelle, Ernesto Estrella, Georg Klein, Antje Vowinckel, Errant Bodies, Raquel Rivera, FASE, SILO, Julieta Benito and Dirk and all the artists who have been interviewed.

Dedicated to Zbigniew Karkowski.