They just don’t have it



This text does not intend to talk about music; simply, it does not intend to do anything. This text is a collection of more or less organized thoughts, ideas and sketches. Reflections. Subjectivities. Collectives. This text has been a place for my thoughts. This text is definitely not a list, nor is it a collection. Neither. Any coincidence with real life is pure coincidence. This text is not to read, but to hear. This text is a tribute to all netlabels, to all projects that have grown and have made us grow with them. Thanks to them we now have a reason to write and read this text.

Acknowledgements:  Arteleku, Audiolab, Xabier Erkizia, Xabier Balderas, José Luis Espejo, Mediateletipos, Blanca Rego, Juan Cantizanni, Francisco Figueroa, Francisco López, Arteklab, Jaime de los Ríos,, Christian Negre, Juan Prieto, David Domingo, Desetxea, Mattin, Hazard Records, Add Sensor, Ángel Galán, Antonio López, Miguel Lastra,, Rick Prelinger,, Óscar Martin, Lonchas, Oier IA, La Escucha Atenta, Juanjo Palacios, Edu Comelles, Series Negras, Tzesne, Miguel A. García, Jordi Giraldez, Antònia Folguera, Guadalupe R. Sanabria, Napster, Sean Parker, Shawn Fanning, Alex Winter, David Fincher, David Nemeth, Patryck Galuszka, Manuel Castells, Pekka Himanen, René Jurado, Rubén Jurado, Bianca Barbosa, Ana Paula Montes, Jonathan Sterne, Jacques Attali and Michel Foucault.


An essay curated by Juan Cantizzani and published by Banda Àparte Editores (2014)

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