Dark Sound

A dark book with a black CD
Published by Gruenrekorder (2016)

The book contains Ecopolitik, an introduction as an epilogue by José Luis Espejo, a letter to the Huaorani people, two research texts and one bertso, descriptive texts and photos of recordings, a possible chronology, a glossary, a compilation of several texts with testimonies, reports and declarations from different people, groups, institutions, and publications in reference to the impact—direct or indirect—of the noise from the oil industry during its various phases of development on the people, the environment and the fauna.

About the book
176 pages, dark paper, black ink, hardback.
Languages: Huao, Basque, Spanish and English.
Note: Partially legible. Sunlight reading recommended.

About the CD
34 recordings in one track in a black polycarbonate CD.
Final editing, mastering and carbon print from Ireland by Slavek Kwi.

How to purchase
The price of this book is set by the crude oil Brent price (LCO), script by Daniel Knef. By buying this book you are contributing to the destruction of the planet.

An excellent political statement.” – Frans de Waard