A vulnerable listening



Since I have memories, the flat next to my home has been empty, no one has ever lived there. Once a week my non-neighbor comes to his house to clean it and inhabit it for a few minutes, exactly 14 minutes on average. On the night of Sunday September 20, 2015, we reproduced raw recordings of myself while I slept, alone or accompanied, during the past 8 years.

Many thanks to my non-neighbor and to all who have accompanied me during my dreams.

Dedicated to Count Hermann Karl von Keyserling.


→ To listen to this work, you should put your ear on the door, but the door will not be opened!

→ To know the specific location just send me an email.

Note: This site-specific sound installation was only available to listen to during the night of Sunday September 20, 2015.

This work is part of Anthropological Repertoire Of Vulnerabilities Series.