The sound of underwater friction produced by movement

A recording published by Crónica (2014)
Duration: 10:15 min. [download pdf]


The recording was made in the mediterranean sea with a special hydrophone design by scientists with the aim to listen some echolocations made by dolphins. Obviously these animal communications are masked by the sound of the friction, and personally I found this sound very interesting. The scientists hate it because it’s not very practical to listen to dolphins clearly and then they built a special filter to avoid it. We could think about this sound as a endangered sound?

In addition, this sound is created by the velocity and it’s not possible yet to upload this kind of recordings in the soundmaps format. This is the reason that justify the use of a soundmap platform to think about this impossibility. I think, ie, about soundwalks in a soundmap, it’s just not possible. I prefer to experiment with this limitation than hide it.

Many thanks to Eduard Degollada, Patricia Jiménez Amat, Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela.