Standing in the meeting of two eternities

An immersive audiovisual installation (2014)
Duration: 21:34 min. (First version)
Duration: 15:35 min. (Second version)

“Standing in the Meeting of Two Eternities” is an immersive installation, created in collaboration with Blanca Rego, composed with hydrophonies (underwater field recordings), smoke and lights. The space blurred by the smoke and the blue lights recalls the depths of the sea, but also the borderline between physical and ethereal worlds.

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Many thanks to Óscar Abril Ascaso, Miguel Ayesa, Sonia Ciriza, Ana Paula Montes, Blanca Rego, Miguel Soria, Yolanda Uriz and François Loustau.
With the support of
and Les Écuries de Baroja
Aquarium” by Patricia Arredondo published by “Fundación para las letras mexicanas” (download pdf)