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This archive is dedicated to a selection of releases available to listen in an unlimited streaming * and to purchase as high-quality audio digital version or on physical formats. 

Not on myspace. Not on bandcamp. Not on Spotify. Not on Soundcloud.

How (not) to purchase

Purchase is not needed. If you don’t want to purchase, just enjoy your listening on streaming!

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There’s not a fixed price for any digital release or album in this archive. You’re welcome to listen!


* It’s highly recommended to use proper high quality headphones or speakers.

Cat #TitleDateFormat
RA002Untitled (for Francisco López)2007Mini-CD
RA003Silence is golden2009LP
RA005Variations (for Yasunao Tone)2010Mini-CD
RA006Empty Space # 012011Digital
RA007Empty Space # 022011Digital
RA008Empty Space # 032011Digital
RA009Five patterns from the field2011Mini-CD
RA010Machine Pattern # 012012Cassette
RA011Untitled (for Bruce Nauman)2012CD
RA012Untitled (for Joan Miró)2012Mini-CD
RA013Cricket Pattern2012CD
RA014Espais naturals del Delta del Llobregat2012CD
RA015Frog Pattern (for The Third Ear)2012CD
RA016Montjuïc Cementery2012CD
RA017Printing Pattern (for Txuma)2012CD
RA018Send ahead, leave behind2012CD
RA019Send behind, leave ahead2012CD
RA021Two patterns from the field2012CD
RA022Untitled (for Marina)2012CD
RA026The sound of underwater friction produced by movement2014Digital
RA027233 hours of listening2014Other
RA028Early Works2015Digital
RA029Exciting moments from the discovery of sound in the sea2015Mini-CD
RA030Dark Sound2016Book