Artist, curator & researcher.


He records with his own microphones all over the world for more that ten years. His field recordings capture the sound space from multiple spots with the aim of recognise the sound identity limits of the place. His recording methods are a creative part of his sound creation process and therefore he builds his own microphones, looking for a creative and personal way of recording. His concerts and sound installations are distinguishable for the sound spatialization and for the privacy that is generated though the sound.”
Federico Sancho

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Research fields

Audition, hearing pathologies, listening, otherness, subjectivity, deafness, silence, noise, sound, sound art, sound installations and site-specific approaches, experimental practices, radio, voice, audio recordings, hauntology, ephemeral bodies, non-presence, radical phonography, field recordings, raw materials, stasis cinema and dance situations.


About listening (since 2009)
Interstitial Space (2012 – 2017)
Dark Sound (2014 – 2016)
A soft hiss of this world (2016 – 2019)


Blog (2009 – 2018)
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Soinumapa (since 2012)
Mediateletipos (since 2013)
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The Listening Observatory (since 2016)


La Casa Amarilla Gallery & Book Store – Zaragoza (Spain) (2018) [escuchar] (Spanish)
Saari Residence – Mynämäki (Finland) (2018) [read] (English)
Casares Radio – San Sebastián (Spain) (2016) [escuchar] (Spanish)
¡Volumen! Festival – Madrid (Spain) (2014) [watch] (Spanish)
Reudo Festival – Pujilí (Ecuador) (2014) [ver video] (Spanish)
Londarí Magazine – Tárrega (Spain) (2014) [descargar pdf] (Spanish)
Idioteca Radio – Madrid (Spain) (2014) [escuchar] (Spanish)
El Diario Vasco – San Sebastián (Spain) (2013) [descargar pdf] (Spanish)
La Vanguardia – Barcelona (Spain) (2012) [leer] (Spanish)
Sounds of Europe – Barcelona (Spain) (2011) [read] (English)
La Vanguardia – Barcelona (Spain) (2011) [leer] (Spanish)
La Escucha Atenta – Gijón (Spain) (2011) [leer] (Spanish)

Awards, grants & fellowships

Any Body Sounds – As resident in collaboration with Emanuele Soavi & Jone San Martin at Tabakalera (San Sebastián, Spain) & TanzFaktur (Köln, Germany) (2018)
A soft hiss of this world (Part III) – As resident at Elektronmusikstudion EMS – Stockholm (Sweden) (2017)
A soft hiss of this world (Part II) – As resident at Saari – Hietamäki (Finland) (2016)
A soft hiss of this world (Part I) – As resident at Tabakalera, more info here and here – San Sebastián (Spain) (2016)
Dark SoundAudition with the Bitamine support – Irún (Spain) (2016)
Dark Sound – Publication with the Basque Government support (2016)
844 – First Embarrat Festival Prize – Tárrega (Spain) (2014)
Interstitial SpacePhonos Foundation fellowship – Barcelona (Spain) (2012 – 2014)
Radio at La Casa Encendida – Two months fellowship – Madrid (Spain) (2007)
National Engraving – Two months fellowship – Madrid (Spain) (2007)

Listening since 1980.